3 Belts Leather Corset- Black & Silver

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The 3 Belts Corset is an exclusivity by Saint At Large Design Collection. - An emblem of female submission perverted in a masculine version full of hard testosterone. - Strong leather laces to tighten your waist. - Solid Zip in the front. - 2 metallic rings to attach whatever you want to. - 3 Belts in the front for a kinky strapped look. - Silver color solid padding on the sides of the zipper for a cyber stylish look. - Made of high quality soft leather. - The inside satin touch gives comfort and ease of cleaning after intense efforts. - As always, proudly hand made in our workshop. Hold your breath and get bound in the 3 Belts Corset by Saint At Large Design Collection.

Brand Saint At Large Design Collection
Kind of Leather Soft Leather
Country of origin Canada
Color Black