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EXPOSED, the BPX Zine, began being  published annually in 2010 in connection with BPX: The Black Party Expo. While its original intention was to serve as a sort of official program guide for Black Party Weekend, EXPOSED has quickly evolved into its own unique publication… closer in format and content to an “arts and entertainment magazine” than to a traditional event program.  With fashion, art and literary features unified by some connection to the Black Party’s given theme, the `zine serves to frame The Black Party and surrounding events as one would a cultural event or festival. Three of the first four zines have been created in collaboration with existing gay publications - Spank Zine (2010), Spunk [arts} Magazine (2012), and Intstigator Magazine (2013).  The 2011 edition was produced in-house and designed and edited by Lapo Belmestieri, The Saint At Large's Artistic Director and Graphic Designer.

This special edition package containing the first 4 editions of EXPOSED: THE BPX ZINE is a solid start to a collection of what - like early Black Party posters - will likely to be rare, hard to find collectibles in the years to come.